Hilda Sonnenschein by Sara includes 3 fonts:
Regular, Extra Characters and Dingbats.
Please see the readme-file for more details.
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Sara's view on innocent lettering
   “I am the daughter of an American Jewish household, and much of my father's family came from Germany. You'd think that if anyone would see something bad in these letters, I would. But I don't! In fact, I was shocked to read about the argument in Hattingen and to discover that these poor innocent letterforms hold such nasty associations for so many people! For goodness' sake, we can't stop using alphabets just because some crazy people have also used them! When I see these beautiful letters, I never think of Nazis; it wouldn't even occur to me to do so. Instead I think first of Gutenberg, the father of modern literacy, and then of all those artisans who hand-lettered in variations of this alphabet before him. It was seeing as a small child a Gutenberg bible and some illuminated manuscripts at the Huntington Library in California that first inspired me to learn calligraphy -- which has, of course, led only to my unremitting fontaholicism. ;) This is a wonderful, rich style of alphabet, one you just can't help but want to draw and to read, and it holds such an important place in the culture of all people who read latinate alphabets. I hope and expect that ProGothics will help others see it this way, too.”